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Mary Vernon

“Last year I had fainting spells for four months and living alone it is such a comfort to know that if you fall you can get help. My family and I see the importance of ConnectCare. It´s definitely a comfort and it gives me a sense of safety and security as well as giving us peace of mind”

Mary Vernon, ConnectCare Subscriber

“On behalf of myself and my family, I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to ConnectCare for the peace of mind it has given us. As our mother´s needs changes with time, safeguarding her independence and safety becomes even more important. Partnering with ConnectCare, our family can be assured that when we are not close at hand, our mother is still protected.”

Phil Bernardo, ConnectCare Subscriber´s Son
Alice McDonald

“I am looking forward to the extra security having ConnectCare will provide me. Thank you!”

Alice McDonald, ConnectCare Subscriber

“I want people to know that ConnectCare saves lives!” My mother had a fall when she was alone during the evening. She he was laying in the family room on the floor, but because she had ConnectCare, she was able to press her button and get help. If she hadn´t gotten help this fall could have had a different outcome as she is a cardio patient.”

Mary Anne Dowding, ConnectCare Subscriber´s Daughter
Kathleen Higham

“If it wasn´t for ConnectCare, I wouldn´t have gotten the support and emergency care I needed after my fall. I was really impressed with how quickly they responded after I pushed my button, and how quickly they were able to dispatch an ambulance, and my family. Who knows how long I would have been lying on my floor if I didn´t have ConnectCare.”

Kathleen Higham, ConnectCare Subscriber

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