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ConnectCare Questions

No. A long term contract is not required, and there is no cancellation fee upon termination of service.
Contact us to find out if your service can be transferred to your new address.
Yes. Gift certicicates are available, for one month, or multiple months, of ConnectCare services.

Product & Service Questions

In most situations, a ConnectCare home service representative will schedule an appointment to install the home unit and test the service. This usually takes less than an hour as it is relatively easy to set up. The representative will also answer any questions to ensure that the subscriber is fully comfortable using their ConnectCare service.
With GoSafe, the unit works away from the home, wherever cell service is available.

With HomeSafe, the home unit will work in another room or on a different floor. We´ll also test your button´s range to see if it works outside on your porch, in your garden, or elsewhere on your grounds.
We encourage you to press your button once a month to ensure that ConnectCare is working properly.
Yes, up to two people in a house can have separate Personal Help Buttons.

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